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Waggin' Trails Dog Park, projected opening in Summer 2018 - with your help.

“Where can I take my dog off leash?”

This is a common question that we hear from our clients and other dog owners in the Pioneer Valley. Our area is filled with naturally beautiful woods and trails to explore, but people are often confused by leash laws and privacy issues. Dog owners want to train their pets to be safe off leash, but they are afraid that their dogs may run away or meet unfriendly dogs and their (possibly unfriendly) people. Everybody wants safe, clean, and beautiful places to allow their dogs to run free and explore the natural world.

Sarah’s Pet Services has been helping the dog owners of Western Mass provide exercise, socialization, and off leash experience for their beloved pets for over 15 years. Dogs require interaction with other dogs as well as the the stimulation of exploring the great outdoors to live happy and fulfilling lives. We make good dogs GREAT!

Now we have set our sights on the future of pet care: a membership dog park, with several miles of beautiful trails here in Northampton, Massachusetts, a city where deep history and progressive ideals are equal partners in creating a rich, caring, future-minded community.

Our vision is a property that is large enough for a good walk in the woods, but with the security of being fully fenced. Trails winding through the forest with added features that dog owners want:

  • Over 20 acres of fenced trails and open spaces

  • Small fenced areas for puppies, small dogs and agility/training area

  • A 800 sq foot building with restrooms, a dog wash, and front office to register new members and answer questions

  • State of the art key fob entry system

  • Membership agreement and park rules to help provide a fun, safe, and educational doggie adventure for everyone

  • Sustainable practices, including solar electricity and a dog poop composter that harnesses methane to power lights!

  • And much, much more

Waggin' Trails dog park will provide a unique option for dog owners and their canine companions to get out and about in the wild and meet up with like-minded dog lovers. A nature park for dogs and their people!

We have been working with a talented advisory group of professionals to make the park a reality, including Berkshire Design of Northampton to create the master plan and Kelley Bollen of Animal Alliances to help with design elements and membership rules.

This Summer we are in the final planning stages and could really use your help! Here are a few ways you can chip in:

-Please register here to receive updates and more information on park membership:

-When we have a planning board review, please come and show you support, so our plan can get approval. Details to follow.

- It’s going to take significant financial support to get the park up and running! Donations, big and small , will make a huge difference. Email me at if you have suggestions for financial assistance. We will have a Fundable campaign in June, please sign up here to be updated.

Thank you!

Sarah & Noam

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