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First Look

This week we are excited to share our initial master plan for the park.

We have found an incredible partner in Berkshire Design (, a landscape architecture firm here in Northampton. When I walked into their office a year ago, my idea for a private off leash dogs park was a new concept to them, but the vision intrigued them. Berkshire has successfully planned several dog parks, however most municipal parks are only on one acre and the land I was looking at was over thirty!

Peter Wells and Rachel Loeffler have spent countless hours refining the design for the park to make Waggin’ Trails one the the largest and most innovative dog parks in the country. Together we have planned a park with 16 acres of fenced, wooded trails with key fob access, a dedicated small dog area (25 lbs and less), a members building with a restroom and dog washing stations, and a wade in doggy pool with beach and a dock!

There are so many more amazing details I know you and your dogs will love. I can’t wait to start sharing more of the specifics of our plan in the coming months as we prepare for the Northampton permitting process.

Check out the map and let us know what you think.

Sarah & Noam

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