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Membership Details

Waggin’ Trails is a membership dog park located in Northampton, MA that sits on 30 acres of beautiful land for you and your dogs to enjoy together.

When you become a member, the following park amenities await you:

• A completely fenced in small and large dog area open dawn to dusk year round

• Playground equipment for both small and large dogs

• A beautiful and relaxing nature trail

• Members building with staff to answer questions, clean restrooms and a small retail space

Paved and plowed parking lot

• Organized playdates for similar sizes, play styles and energy levels

• Paw washing stations for clean feet and cars

Waggin’ Trails Dog Park is committed to giving caring dog owners a clean and happy gathering place for their dogs to run & play. The park is an excellent way for you and your dog to enjoy open space, fresh air, exercise and socialization all with the freedom of being off leash. It's time for you to have a happy hound!



Come let your dog test drive Waggin’ Trails for FREE during normal business hours. *Please bring all necessary vet records (for first time visitors only). Best to have first visit not be on the weekend, when it's very busy.

A member must provide the following either online or in person during our office hours. You may email vet records and your signed waiver to

  1. Fill out our Membership Form online.

  2. Email proof of current vaccinations (Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP) for each dog.

  3. Email spayed/neutered documentation from your veterinarian.

  4. Sign and email our Acceptance of Risk and Release of Liability Form.

  5. Once we have your completed paperwork and payment, we will mail you a welcome packet with your electronic key. You may then access the park as you wish.

Once you become a member, you can access the park dawn to dusk 365 days a year with your electronic key fob.

The office hours are for in-person registrations, first-time visitors, or questions/concerns.

Membership Office Hours:


  • Tuesday - Friday: 2 pm – 6 pm

  • Saturday 10am – 6 pm

  • Sunday 10 am - 4 pm


There is a $25 registration fee which includes your key fob. Lost fobs are $10 to replace. Household is up to 3 dogs.

$365 annually

$300 annually for senior citizens, students, veterans or members with a WIC or SNAP card.


$40/month to month, first and last due at registration. Auto billed monthly.


Dog waste: Please pick up after your dog and deposit waste in the appropriate receptacle. Cans are located at each trail junction with Biobags. It’s your important responsibility to clean up after your dog.

Staff will sweep the park each afternoon for waste, but if you see one near the rail, please lend a hand and pick it up. Keeping a clean park for all of us and the environment!

April Stools Day is a yearly event for all members to chip and tidy the park, including errant poops.

No human food: Some dogs may act aggressively even if it's in your pocket

Treats: kept in a secure treat bag, please do not give treats to dogs besides your own.

You are responsible for your dog: Please keep your dog within eyesight at all times. Dogs found in the park with no owner in sight may be called in to management. Owners must have control of their dog within the park and be able to restrain their dog when needed.

Vaccines: Dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP. Please update management of any vaccines administered.

We also strongly urge all guests to be on a preventative flea and tick program since they will be in the meadows and woods.

Leashes: You must always have a leash while in the park. Dogs must be on leash while entering and exiting the park. Flat 4-6ft leash, no retractables.

Collars: Dogs must have a quick release or buckle collar with an ID tag. No choke chains, prong collars or head halters. We prefer to not have any electronic training collars in use, cases may be allowed on an individual basis. Please check with management before using training collars in the park. Harnesses are permitted only when entering and leaving the park, please remove for play.

Play must be mutual: Dogs that harass other dogs by constantly barking, mounting, tackling, mouthing or other unwanted aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Both dogs must consent to such interactions. Keep in mind that some dogs enjoy rough play even if they are on the receiving end, and that dogs have different ways of playing.

If your dog is the aggressor with an unwanted partner, then it is your responsibility to remove your dog from the situation. Both owners should leash their dogs and move to separate areas of the park.

In the case of bullying behavior, or if you are unsure, please contact management to fill out an incident form or to have someone come monitor the behavior.

Dog fights and injury: Dog fights are rare, but if there is one do not panic, shout, hit the dogs or rush in to break it up. These actions can exacerbate the situation. Instead, use excess clothing or water and throw it over the dogs heads to try and break up the fight. Do not pull the dog's body, collar or leash, while they are in the middle of a confrontation with another dog. You might get bit! We recommend an air horn to disrupt the behavior. Locate an emergency stand and use the heavy blanket or the air horn provided. When possible call management to inform them of the fight and both parties must fill out an incident form.

If a dog is injured, please try to remain polite with other members and exchange information. Please note, issues between owners must be settled between the parties involved. Waggin’ Trails holds no responsibility, as was indicated in the membership agreement signed by each member upon joining the park. However, please feel free to contact management for first aid, directions to the nearest vet, to obtain the contact information of the other involved party and to fill out and incident report form.

Damages: Please remember, while in Waggin’ Trails Dog Park, you are responsible for any damage caused by your dog to the park’s or other’s property, other dogs, other people, children or yourself. Waggin’ Trails Dog Park assumes no liability and expects all damages to be paid by the owner of the offending dog. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of self defense.

Three dog maximum: Owners may not bring more than three dogs to the park for one handler. Additional dogs may be brought with additional handlers. Additionally, you agree to only bring a dog/s on your application. All new dogs must be must be updated in your membership profile at the office.

Entering gated areas: Do not open any gates unless there are no dogs within ten feet. Please don’t let other members’ dogs in or out of the gate. If they are in the way, ask other members to move their dogs from the gate area so you may enter/exit.

Additionally, you agree to never allow strangers in the park with your key fob regardless of the circumstance. Direct such people to management instead.

Small but mighty dogs: Only dogs 25 lbs and under are permitted to use our small dog yard. This does not include large breed puppies without management permission. Small dogs are permitted to enter the larger dog park at the member's discretion.

Children: Waggin’ Trails is for dogs, not kids. Please do not allow children on any of the dog equipment or in the water provided for the dogs. Never allow kids to run in the park and children should never pet an unfamiliar dog without permission.

Children are to be closely supervised at all times. Children 6 and over are allowed in the main trail area. Babies in a carrier are permitted, but any member with a child less than 12 will need to fill out an additional waiver with their application.

Digging: Please be sure fill in all holes dug by your dog outside of digging permitted areas.

No unaltered dogs over age one: Dogs 1 year and older must be spayed or neutered.

Payments: Yearly membership is due at signup, monthly is autobilled via credit or debit card on file.

Key fob: $10 deposit per fob, which allows entry into the park. $10 to replace a lost fob. Your deposit will be refunded when the fob is returned.

Dog behavior: All new members must watch our nifty video on park rules, your first visit, and dog body language. Our best chance to have a fun and safe park environment is for all of our members to be educated, confident, and relaxed about dog play behavior.

Help keep it clean: No smoking or glass containers are allowed inside the park.

No one may conduct any kind of commercial or professional business in the dog park without approval.

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