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Summer Update

Happy Summer!

Thank you for joining the Waggin' Trails Dog Park mailing list. Here is our update on what the park has been up to in recent months.

happy faces!

If you're new to our park, welcome! You can find quite a bit more information about us in previous blog posts on our webpage:

Waggin' Trails Dog Park will be the largest members only dog park in New England. With 20 acres of fenced trails winding through the forest, a small dog area, dedicated puppy play space and a building with restrooms, dog washing station and membership office! All of these features will be accessible with a key fob once you are an approved member. We will be open dawn to dusk 7 days a week. Office hours vary and will be listed on our webpage.

We hope you and your dog are having a great Summer! We can't wait until this time next Summer when we hope to be open and welcoming you to the park! We have reached 2,300 people on this mailing list, wow!

Many of you have asked when we are opening, which is a great question. The lull in updates has been as we (impatiently) wait for the parks house lot to sell in the front of the park. The sale of this land will provide the down payment on the buildout of the extensive park plan. It will be an incredible place to build a home if you are a dog lover and want to be right next to the park! Here is the MLS listing and our realtor is Alyx Akers at 5 College Realtors.

However, we are very focused on getting construction started by the Fall so we can open in Spring 2019! After working on this fabulous project for over two years, there is no one who would love the park to be open now more than me. I have learned so many important lessons as a business owner in this process, one of which is that everything takes longer than you hope! We are considering other ways to provide the funds needed, like investor/s and possibly pre-selling memberships. If you have interest in either of these ideas, please contact us! Of course you will be the first to know when we have our ground breaking date, which I anticipate to be in late 2018.

Make sure to check out our park membership information here on our webpage.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we update those pages weekly.

Next update will be in August or earlier if we have major news.

Thank you for your support,

Sarah & Noam Schatz

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